Can't buy a home until you improve your credit?

Mortgage lenders are choosy.  If you're planning to purchase a new home in the next 6-24 months, you'll want to reduce debt plus build credit the right way.  We're experts in getting you there.  Get your checklist now, tap the "I Want To Start Today" button below.

Deep in the red?

Feel stuck in debt? With No end in sight? You know you need to pay off debt as fast as possible but are you confused about how to start? Should you 'snowball' or payoff the largest bill first?

Do I pay 'em off or consolidate?

Does all the information online have you confused? Would paying off your debts leave you strapped for cash?  Do you think consolidating or a loan modification would be better? We answer these questions and more within our Financial Mastery course. Once inside, you'll also learn how to establishing or reestablish credit, choose the right types of credit that report to the 3 top credit bureaus and how to reliably increase your credit scores.

It's going to be hard work. This may not be a fast and easy road for you to travel.  However we simply this journey and provide effective methods for you to manage your personal finances so you can purchase a home.

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Worried you'll be denied a mortgage?

Worried you'll be denied a mortgage? If instead of sleeping you lay away each night frightened you'll be denied a mortgage, you're in the right place.  We've show each student how to prepare their finances in a specific way to make mortgage lenders happy to work with you.

Don't be denied a mortgage simply because you're unprepared. Your future self is counting on you to get the best interest rate possible on your mortgage.

Did you know that lenders, insurance carriers and even top careers offer better rates, prices and even career titles to those with high credit scores?

Still Surfing Sites? Stop.

Tired of surfing the 'net trying to put piece information together? Or feel like you could be missing information? We did too!  

Finances Elevated continues to be peoples' best choice for reaching their financial goals.  

That's why we created Financial Masteryᵀᴹ.  We know the exact steps you'll will take... We've included everything.  You'll get all the right information for you to succeed.  You'll receive updates of our course with any new information . 

Don't take our word for it, below are just two examples... 

39 Point Jump in 30 days

Her credit score averaged 600 and After having two charged off accounts, our client's credit score jumped 39 points in 30 days. 

Business Owner Lost and Confused

A once lost and confused business owner used our Judo-Finance Tracker to avoid over spending. Now he's a master of his finances and building business credit the right way. 

Success Stories

Before finding Finances Elevated, I was drowning in student loans and didn't know where to start. Confused, I knew I needed guidance. A few weeks into the Financial Mastery course, I contacted each lender, told them my plan, based on Zane's methods, and I'll be able to pay them ALL off by the end of 2022. Now I'm gearing up to purchase my first house!

Sam Yoder

UI/UX Coder

As a business owner my income fluctuates. I felt like I was on a roller coaster nonstop. The Financial Mastery course gave me clear directions on how to structure my finances so that each month I knew where to focus. I highly recommend this course for anyone who needs a clear step-by-step path to get out of debt and build wealth. I've even earned more each month since completing his course. Thanks!!

Jenny Parker


As a finances major I was skeptical to buy a course on how to improve my finances. Didn't think it'd would work for me because I'd already started reading a few books and blogs on how to improve my credit and thought I was making good headway. I went for it and shortly after getting started I did exactly as Zane teaches... my credit score jumped 39 points in about 30 days. Crazy how well this works!

Rick Stones


How It Works


Invite us to join you on your journey towards financial mastery. How? Tap the "Get Start Now" button below.


Use our Elevated Credit guide to gain nearly free access to check your credit scores. 


Now that you know where you stand, our Financial Mastery course will take you where you need to go next.


As you complete each step, you'll share your winning results with our Finances Elevated team until you're in your new home! 

Program Overview


  • Gain clarity of your finances
  • Use our Financial Map to chart out your route
  • Prepare for your journey with our Pre-Journey Checklist


Financial Mastery
  • We develop you into a financial master of your home
  • Take charge of our financial tools to Judo chop your debt
  • Adopt our financial habits to elevate your bank account 


  • By the end of the course you'll have a clear roadmap to master your finances easily
  • You'll know what services to avoid
  • You'll know exactly how to repair your credit yourself, select the best mortgage, and build wealth


As a Financial Mastery student you'll gain lifetime access to our course content and our private Facebook group, with dedicated members all focused on your success.  We're with you each step of the way, forever. Grab your checklist!

"...but what do I do next...?"

Six months ago a client came to us nearly in tears about their finances.  He said, “Despite my working hard, my business isn’t doing so well and I’ve been using credit cards to survive…” he then continued with “As you can see I have a few hundred in my account.  I’ve had to miss a few payments and now I’m trying to get things back in order and my goal is to buy a house in about 13 months“.  He looked at me directly and said:  “I know I need to check my credit score but what do I do next? Should I ask for credit increases on my 4 cards?”

You may be thinking “Hey, Zane my finances aren’t that bad. I'm doing a lot better than mosts and while I don’t know my exact credit score, it's likely not going to prevent me from homeownership… don’t know how or even if you guys can help me here…”  - Most people

A lot of folks stumble upon us with the same thought, once they get started and find out their scores, they realize how much better their finances will be with step-by-step guidance from our course.  If you're in doubt, find out now.  Sooner always kicks later's butt!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't find value in this course, you can get on a call with us anytime. If you have any issues, get in touch with our friendly support team and we'll answer any questions.


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9.7/10 ppl Recommended

It's Best For

Busy professionals

Busy mom or dad? Learning the entire encyclopedia of credit repair isn't a good use of your time... here you'll get only what will help you reach your goals.

Beginner entrepreneurs

Business owner? No funding = no growth. We've got the exact steps you need today to get banks on your side. 


Run an agency? If you have a team whom you're inspiring to master their finances, we'll work with each of them to build financial masters within your organization. 

Zane White


I'm Zane White

A financial healer and private client banker.  With all of the information and content on the internet, new clients would enter my financial center frustrated. They couldn't find the exact steps they needed to both improve their credit while increasing cash flow. 

We started Finances Elevated because of the growing demand to transform the lives of our clients beyond the 30-60-min visit at the bank. 

Everyone on our team has used (or is currently using) the same methods we outline to improve their finances to purchase a home. You're in the right place!

Your Financial Healer

Frequently asked questions


About Our Brand

Why aren't you on Social Media?

While we do have social media accounts, and even TikTok, we invest a LOT of our time with clients and constantly improving our course.  Why?  We're obsessed with getting you the right information needed to get you on the quickest route from where you are today to where you're going in the near future.  If not being on social media constantly is an issue, we're not a good fit. 

How long have you been in business?

We've been helping clients elevate their finances since September, 2019.  The company was registered in May, 2021.  

Can I stop by your office?

If you're in the area, yes!  We'd love to meet you.  Our location is different than the address on our site.  Send us a message and we'll find a time.

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About Our COURSE

How long is the course?

The course is 6-8 weeks long and you are able to go at your own pace. Your situation will vary from others.  Some of our students complete each task one week at a time, completing each exercise by the end of the week. Most need more time because they're working on paying down debt and building credit, which can take 6-18 months. 

No matter how long it takes you you'll always have access to the course (barring situations outside of our control) and because we love what we do and want you to succeed, the course is constantly updated with new actionable-insights to make your journey easier.

How long before I see results?

The structure of your finances is unique. It might take you 30 days or 30 months to reach your desired outcome of home ownership or building your business credit. Most clients who are highly engaged in our course, are able to reduce or eliminate debt, pay back charged off accounts, apply for the right lines of credit to qualify for a mortgage in 6-12 months. 

Do you offer coaching?

Yes, our coaching is a 6 month process and opens once a year for 18 clients. To get your name on the waiting list go to: 


About Your order

Do I get immediate access?

Yes.  Our goal is to get you results as fast as possible.  We find that by offering you immediate access to Financial Masteryᵀᴹ you'll soar at your own pace.  

Do you offer payment plans?

All of the steps you need to reach your goals are provided to you from day one.  Therefore, we do not offer payment plans for our courses. We do offer payment plans for coaching as the structure differs.

Do you offer refunds?

Imagine you're an owner of the most popular restaurant, downtown, and a hungry family of four sits down.  They order a 4-course meal plus beverages and then ask you if they can leave without paying.  How would you feel?  What would you say?